Unique Ways of Using a Food Processor

There are hundreds of different kitchen appliances we have today. Each of these appliances has added to the ease of cooking and maintaining the kitchen in one way or the other. While some of these appliances are not that commonly used, others tend to be used almost every other day. A great example of appliances used more often is the food processor.

When we talk about cooking, it is impossible not to mention this appliance. These are kitchen appliances that make cooking far easier than what it would be without them. They do so by facilitating the repetitive tasks that occur while cooking food.

Most often than not, people tend to confuse food processors with blenders. However, both are quite different from each. The best way to distinguish between them is to look for the blades of the kitchen appliance. Since blenders are only concerned with blending, they have a fixed blade. On the other hand, these appliances cater to a variety of usages, which is why they use interchangeable blades.

The best thing about this kitchen appliance is that you can do a lot more with them than you think. Apart from assisting in the regular food-making processes, this kitchen appliance can also be used to do several other works. The following are some of the additional things that you can do using this appliance.

Bread Crumbs

When the bread gets stale, a lot of us dispose of it without any second thoughts. The next time that happens, don’t throw the bread away! Well, unless you never use bread crumbs. Instead of throwing away stale pieces of bread, you can easily throw them into your food processor and enjoy a healthy supply of bread crumbs, for free!

If you want to take things to the next level, add a little food flavor and a few herbs in it. There you go, you now have seasoned bread crumbs thanks to your food processor.

Home-Made Nut Butter

Are you a crusher for Nut Butter like us? Well, then you would love the fact that you can make it at home using this appliance. All you need to do is simply add some peanuts into the processor and sprinkle a little salt onto it. Now add two table spoons of honey and let the magic begin. Start the food processor and blend thoroughly for about three to four minutes.

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